Friday, August 21, 2015

We are so BLESSED!

Most people like their school. Some even love their school. We are the lucky few that are truly blessed by our school. Our boys have attended Zion Lutheran School for years. It is a very small private school in the middle of the most beautiful country setting off the beaten path. Our boys have had the same classmates since they started, making priceless friendships. We have fully embraced it and love the Christian education our boys are receiving.

 When we approached the school with our crazy adventure, we were blown away by the support by everyone there. We have a new principal and he is truly a godsend to this small, country school. He has a passion for children and a true calling to be a leader. He assured us that he is 100% in support of us taking the boys on this adventure and will do anything he can to make it easier for us on the education side. What a wonderful feeling to know that our boys have such an amazing place to come back home to and feel like they never left. Their teachers immediately gathered the boys books for this year so we could keep them on the same curriculum as their classmates (also making for a very easy transition back next fall!), as well as their year "maps" for me to keep us on target. They assured me they are simply a phone call away if I need anything. Matt & Luke are thrilled to be doing a Skype pen pal program with their classes all year, learning geography with all their friends as we take them places with us. All 3 boys joined their classes today for the back to school kickoff yearbook signing party! Picking up our books last week, the thought of leaving this place that has been our home away from home for a long period of time pulled on my heartstrings. Mr.Wrege (our principal) had small gifts for the boys to remember our Zion family and all the teachers came out to wish us well (not just our current ones) and talk with the boys for a few minutes. How blessed we are to have such an amazing school family rooting for us and helping us along the way. Zion Lutheran will be greatly missed this year!!!

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