Wednesday, September 2, 2015

It just got REAL!

What a whirlwind of a few days!!! We got rid of Craig's truck and bought a Jeep Wrangler we can tow behind the RV, we finished putting everything we own into storage, we closed on our house, we loaded the next year of life into a Jeep, Suburban and a small UHaul trailer, made our way to Alvarado, Texas and WE BOUGHT AN RV!!!!

Holy cow...this all suddenly got real. I have been living in crazy, overwhelmed mode for the past month and haven't really processed all of this. Locking our house for the last time is when it all suddenly hit me. The house we built and raised the boys in the prime of their childhood in is gone. The house we brought Luke home from the NICU to, the house they broke multiple bones in doing crazy things, the house with walls, floor & cabinets colored on, the house we had to replace a door in cause they crashed through it...all these memories came flooding back to me and I realized we are actually doing this! We are going from 3400 sqft to 429 sqft BY CHOICE!!!

Yesterday at the RV dealer, we were going through the different models and apparently I had a look of terror on my face. All I can say is they seemed a whole lot bigger when I had a giant house to go back home to. Now...this is it...and you know what...I CAN'T WAIT!!!! Y'all, I am a very lucky girl!! I got a 2016 brand spankin new RV, complete with 2 full bathrooms, a full size residential fridge and a washer/dryer!!! I have a husband that knows camping is so far out of my element of comfort and made sure I got an RV that makes me feel like I am at home (a smaller scale home, but nonetheless, a home) and I am confident I can survive in the wilderness for a year!

Today we had to be back at the dealer and the moment I have been dreading, the one that literally makes my stomach feel like I have raging stomach flu happened...I HAD TO DRIVE THE RV! They pulled it up for us and any excitement I had for seeing a huge bus with my name & a giant SOLD sign on it disappeared. Craig hopped right into the drivers seat excited. I hung out in the back, about as far as I could get, hoping they'd all forget about me. (In my head I was hiding really far reality, how far can you actually go in 429 sq ft?!?!) We get off the freeway and approach a red light and my husband throws it into park, hops out of the drivers seat and says "better hurry, light's about to turn green!" Talk about a real life "I'm so scared I think I might poop my pants moment!" I not only had the pressure of actually doing this, but the added stress of there are cars behind me waiting to go! The comments floating around me from Craig & the salesman were in the lines of "take your ears off of your shoulders and relax", "you're not in a one way tunnel, don't forget you have 2 giant mirrors to be looking at", "watch the trees overhanging on the road so you don't shred the sides" and "you do know this is supposed to be fun" joke y'all, I had to drive with all of this added pressure! and guess what...I DID IT! We may have not reached speeds that are considered normal freeway driving speeds, but I did not hit anything, I successfully made left and right turns and I did not need to change my clothes when we finished!!!! I consider it a success!

There are a few steps left before we actually head out to see America but by this time next week we should be on our way!!!! The jeep is currently being outfitted to be towed behind the RV, we say goodbye to my beloved Suburban this weekend, we go to RV school on Saturday/Sunday to learn how the heck to work all the gadgets and buttons on this thing, we get the Internet up and working so Craig can get a paycheck and then we head to Houston to get our boys and show them their new home!!!! Now that I know that in an emergency I am capable of driving this thing...I am ready to go!

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  1. I am so excited for y'all! I am looking forward to your story as it unfolds. Enjoy!


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