Sunday, September 13, 2015

Utter Madness!

So we have gone into this trip with the knowledge that we have never owned and RV, have never pretended we knew the first thing about them and have fully admitted we are learning as we go. I feel like the last few days have gone above and beyond in proving that...tonight I sunk as low as I can possibly go. I feel like after the last few incidents, we have seen the worst and it can only go uphill from here!

For those of you not friends with me on Facebook, let me catch you up. Here are my last few posts...complete with pictures!

 We got up at 5 and drove here to discover that....oh and just for extra kicks the water line under kitchen sink got bumped and detached so when we turned on sink water flooded the kitchen floor

THIS is what happens when you trust the kids telling you they locked the fridge and you make a turn! 
So trying to rush to go 2 exits in 5 minutes before an RV service center closes as a piece of piping on the kitchen sink keeps leaking. Craig makes a wild turn and 18 eggs, a jar of salsa, a jar of pickles (all broken and everywhere!), 2 lbs of grapes rolling throughout RV and various sodas, waters and Gatorade all covered in broken goo!!! After cleaning the mess...we have now missed the service center and realize there is a camping world 10 miles away that closes in 25 min. We decide to try to go there to get the part and follow the navigation on phones to make a uturn. Yep...took us straight to a dead end of a one way road! Only solution...unhook jeep and back the RV all the way down it!!! 
I can't make this stuff up!!! 

OMG...this just happened!!!! (an hour after the fridge explosion!) B is asleep, Matt & Luke are lying in their beds watching TV show and I walk past table...this is what the two dummies left and it clearly slid off table!!!!

(sorry no pics, but since I am the family photographer the camera wasn't being touched!) 
So my worst nightmare came was horrible and I sobbed for 30+ minutes. Craig was at home depot and the grey tanks said full. No biggie, easy. Brian and Matt have done it lots so they are quite capable. I go out to supervise...front tank ✔, all grey water flows into drain no problem. Brian thinks we should do back while we are at it...sure I say. He moves the hose and struggles tightening so asks me to do it. I squat down in front of it to tighten and my special child decides to pull the lever to empty tank, before I have tightened it! The hose flies off and THE BLACK TANK, OUR SEWAGE TANK COMES SPRAYING AT ME LIKE A FIREHOSE!!!! The idiot not only pulled the lever before hose was connected, he pulled the black lever instead of the grey one!!! Yep...I got sprayed by sewage! Needless to say I burst into sobbing, hysterical tears. Brian runs away gagging leaving me there to deal with it. I had to not only be sprayed but reach in and turn off the valve while it was still spraying! Craig pulled up in the midst of this with his eyes huge and thankfully took over the cleanup of outside. 3 fulls scrubs later with Dawn, Irish Spring and cherry blossom soaps I HATE camping, I HATE this stupid trip and I am drowning my sorrows in a large quantity of alcohol right now to hopefully erase this horrid memory! I am not finding it funny yet but will hopefully feel that way eventually!

As you can see, the last 3 days have been a learning curve in this family. The kids have heard words we are not proud of, Craig and I have screamed like maniacs at each other, they have seen me sobbing crying, covered in their own feces and yet we are still going forward. What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger is the motto I am taking...So I figure that by the end of this trip I should either be Hercules or an alcoholic!!!

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