Sunday, November 29, 2015


We have officially made it as far east as we can go in the continental United States...Maine!!! What a sense of accomplishment...we have literally gone from the bottom left corner of America (San Diego) to the top right corner of America (Portland). We have seen so many amazing things in this country, things that we would never have had the opportunity to see if it wasn't for this incredible trip of a lifetime we are on with the kids. We have so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving and know just how blessed we truly are.

Maine was our stop for Thanksgiving, we couldn't have picked a neater place to experience something different. We had Thanksgiving brunch at the famous Harraskeet Inn , a hotel just steps from L.L. Bean Village known for their Christmas and Thanksgiving buffets. While it wasn't quite the same as home, it sure was delicious! We had the traditional turkey, potatoes and stuffing, along with scallops, duck and lobster! Brian and Craig were in heaven! Between the two of them they ate 7 lobsters (much to my embarrassment!) but definitely got their money's worth!!! The lobster ice sculptures made the day more fun in reminding us "we sure aren't in Texas anymore!".

L.L. Bean Village is seriously is absolutely massive taking up multiple city blocks. It is surrounded by every store you could ever imagine and so many you have never even heard of! Who knew Portland, Maine would be the home to future girls trips?!?!?! Craig had the opportunity to see a friend he has worked with for so many years that lives there and he was happy to show us the sights :) Such a wonderful, nontraditional Thanksgiving!!!

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