Sunday, November 15, 2015

New Jersey, Part 1

So Craig and I didn't have much planned for New's quite literally the one state in America neither of us really had any desire to even visit. We didn't even really plan a true stop here! Well slap our wrists and tell us how dumb we are!!! The funnest place in America, quite possibly the coolest place we have ever been (and we have been to a LOT of places!) lies right smack in the middle of New Jersey!!! Now we may be partial as the parents of little boys calling this the coolest place in America but I as a girl even had an absolute blast! What is this magical, amazing place you might wonder? It's called Diggerland USA...the only place I have ever seen that allows my kids, even Luke!!!, drive life size, actual construction machinery!!! Holy cow did I earn the title of 'Coolest Mom EVER' with this find!!! Of course we picked the absolute nastiest day of the season so far to trek out in the cold but my guys could've cared less! There is something about a boy and a construction truck that are like magnets to each other :) The most surreal moment of this whole trip so far has got to be when I watched Luke drive off in a massive bulldozer, in full control of wheel and gears ALL BY HIMSELF! The park was crazy complete with a stunt show and rides they made out of the trucks. Seriously...this was such a fun stop and we are so grateful we didn't skip New Jersey!!!

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